November 25, 2005

Brightest are failed by state schools

Not exactly a suprise but the Brightest are failed by state schools
The most able children are only half as likely to achieve top grades at A level in state schools as they are in the fee-paying sector, a government adviser told head teachers.

Pupils in private schools who were among the country’s brightest 5 per cent at age 11 were virtually certain to get three A grades in their A levels at 18, putting them in contention for places at Oxford and Cambridge.

But only a third of the most able 5 per cent went on to achieve the same results in state schools.
So equally bright kids, put some in a school where they are all bright (thanks to selection) and some not. The ones where they are slowed down by teachers having make sure that the less bright kids can keep up do less well. Not exactly a suprise. Kids in the independent sector will also have the advantage of parents that really care about their getting a good education, since they are willing to pay twice to educate them, but the results are quite clear. Selection works. Bring back Grammar Schools!

just noticed a typo, which I've corrected. Must be my inner socialist trying to get out.


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